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Mauri Pierce teaches a very direct and combative curriculum from Progressive Fighting Systems (PFS) and Decendants of the Masters. This includes the most devastating techniques from Kali, Wing Chun, Brazilian Jujitsu, Savate, and muay Thai. The PFS curriculum is widely taught all over the country to Military, Law Enforcement (LEO) and civilians alike. 

IndyPFS also focuses heavily upon modern day concerns such as tactical firearms, rappelling, medical procedures, Man-Tracking and, Military Edged Weapons. Mr Pierce will regularly involve firearms and ASPs into his sessions to ensure you experience virtually every aspect of a modern day disastrous event. 


"I want to make sure each person is receiving what they desire especially beyond training in the studio, this includes tracking in the woods and transitioning from an empty 12 gauge shotgun to a Glock 45."



Mr Pierce currently trains various military, DHS, and LEO personnel. However this is not a prerequisite, as this system does not require you to be a world class athlete or even 20 years old! The most devastating tools on the body are head-butts, knees and elbows. You are not required to train 2 hours a day to perfect your elbows or knees. This system can be implemented in record time. The most difficult part of the program is walking through the door.

The desired approach to this program is small groups or seminars. Classes can also be arranged but the quickest approach is to book Mr Pierce to provide targeted training to you and your team. This will yield results in the quickest manner. Mr Pierce performs seminars and private training numerous times per yer. Feel freely to call directly and fold into this training at your convenience. Please visit IndyPFS on Facebook to see various videos of Mr Pierce's training events.


Brief History

PFS was created by Paul Vunak, a 30 year student of Guro Dan Inosanto. Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto created the famous Bruce Lee style, Jeet Kune Do (JKD). Mauri Pierce is a direct student of Paul Vunak as well as the Military Technical Coordinator/Mid West Director for PFS/DOM since 2011.



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Welcome to the Path...